Video poker tips - Video poker strategy

Here at our website we try to offer from experience our best video poker tips and because we like to stick to the basics especially when it comes to video poker we will start with video poker tips on how to play jacks or better. Just remember that the tips I gave you on video poker strategy can change depending on the card that your video poker machine has shown up on its screen. Some of the basic video poker tips for jacks or better is to never use the low pay out machines you'll find outside of the major casinos in places like an airport, bars and taverns or laundromat's and you should always bet the maximum amount that they allow per bet as this will increase the amount of money you win if you hit the video poker jackpot. One of the basic mistakes that most video poker players make is to keep a kicker card that is a high card alongside of a pair.

For example, you have a pair of jacks and also an ace. The temptation here is to keep that ace in your hand but remember most of the times you won't hit that second ace in the payout for two pairs and its much less than a payout for three of a kind, so let that ace go and try to hit that three of the kind. Video poker strategy should always be kept as simple as possible.

Another good video poker tip for beginners is to seek out online websites that offer just free video poker play, this way you could build up your video poker skills and get a little wet behind the ears as opposed to playing at the video poker machines at the casinos. As soon as you feel comfortable with your winning percentage with the free online video poker play then maybe you should go to a video poker machine that is in Vegas and start only with the lowest denomination video poker machine.

If you are going for a royal flush you should always if you can draw only three cards as opposed to draw on four cards which lowers your percentage greatly of hitting that royal flush. If you have a five card winning hand always collect the money on it and never try to draw a new hand with only one exception, if you can draw that one card to give yourself a royal flush. I say this only because you don't get many chances to draw that big jackpot. Another video poker tip for new and medium level video poker players is when you have a flush and you need one card to make a straight flush never make a draw on that card as the percentages are against you in the straight flush when its not that much better than a regular flush. On the other hand, if you have a regular flush and you need one card to get yourself a royal flush and therefore a jackpot, take that draw to give yourself a chance to hit it big, and as I said before in my other video poker tips, you don't get many chances to hit that golden royal flush.

My final video poker tip for the day is for players that have drawn a straight. If you draw a straight and are one card away from the straight flush do not make a draw on that card. Take home that winning hand because you're taking too many chances to lose money that's coming to you in order to get paid a little bit more. As you can see most of my video poker tips lead more on the conservative side and this is because playing this way keeps you in the game long enough to have a chance at winning that big royal flush jackpot. Hope you have enjoyed my Video poker strategy tips and that they help you to win when you are playing online or at the casinos.